Goodbye Bugs

June 4, 2007 at 1:04 am (crafts, germs, health, insects, oils, organic, sickness, soap, summer, Uncategorized)

We’ve been busy here working on all kinds of new things and figuring out new ways to impress our customers. Okay, so we’re not changing the rules of soap, but we are trying to come up with practical and creative soaps that will enhance your life as well as make an enjoyable shower. After a bad batch of our lard soap, I guess organic veggie oils was really our true calling, we’ve mastered a new recipe that smells nice and has an added bonus for summer.

Introducing Eternal Sour Summer, our new lemon bar. Made from our signature base of organic olive, coconut, and palm oils, we added a good size dose of grated organic lemon peel and squeezed juice, lemon essential oil, and poppy seeds for a little texture. The best part is, we also added a good dose of citronella essential oil to keep all of those rude bugs away during those warm summer nights. The citronella works extremely well with the lemon creating a citrus aroma with a zing. I don’t think you can really define a zing, but I think something this packed with citrus has one in there for sure. Other benefits of this soap include a refreshing feel for those hot days and the extra cleaning power and natural germ fighting abilities that come with lemons.

This new soap will be available in mid-June, so check our website soon. If bugs are definitely not your best friend, be sure to look for other citronella products online. While some can be overwhelming, others might work out well if paired with the right ingredients.


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Getting old school with Lard

April 2, 2007 at 8:01 pm (crafts, health, lard, organic, soap)

Hey everyone. I just wanted to mention that after a good run with organics and veggies, we here at The London Soap Factory feel that we also need to get old school with a good lard based soap. While some people have issues with animal fats, and we respect, others may like the old school charm of a good lard soap. Lard soaps are as basic as they get and produce massive bubble action. We will have a lard soap in late May and we would like to hear your comments on it. Are you pro-lard, or not? Leave a comment and let us know.

We also want to thank another blog called “A Handmade Soap Blog” for writing a great review of us. You can check it out at

Until next time, always be clean.

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Fight Germs, dirt, and grime with these powerful agents

March 6, 2007 at 4:14 am (crafts, flu, germs, health, oils, sickness, soap, winter)

In out last entry we told you that we would be coming out with a list of great natural ingredients that can help you stay healthy and clean without using chemicals and antibacterial agents that commercial soaps use. Although I’m not a doctor, I feel that using antibacterial products such as dish soap and hand soaps that you find in the grocery store can help build up resistance in the many germs and bugs that are constantly trying to attack us. Here are some great natural grime fighting agents that you can find in some of our products or elsewhere.

1.Coffee – removes odors
2.Cucumber – adds cleansing power.
3.French Clay – draws dirt from the skin
4.Ginger – estringent, deordorizer
5.Lemon – antibacterial
6.Vitamin E oil – antioxident
7.Wheat germ oil – antioxident
8.White clay – astringent

Look for those ingredients to help maintain great skin, healthy skin, and well, nice smelling skin.

We’ll be back soon with more information soon. In the meantime you can view some of our soaps that have these great ingredients here.

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Get the germs away from me

February 19, 2007 at 5:52 pm (crafts, flu, germs, health, organic, sickness, soap, winter)

I’m a little OCD when it comes to germs, maybe that’s why I started a soap company, although I doubt it. I think we could all wash our hands more, keep things a litlte cleaner, and all work towards having a germ free environment. Unfortunately, we have more to do in this world then constantly clean things and ourselves. As I woke up today with a slight cough the first thing that jumped in my head was, “oh God, tell me it’s not the flu, or another cold, or anything!” A sickness puts you out of being productive for a good week if not more, and in this world where we are supposed to be on demand people, we really can’t have that.

I saw a little news blurb the other day that a desk has 400 times more germs on it than a toilet seat. I may be misquoting that a little, but that was basically the theme. It makes since. As disgusting as a toilet seat may seem, our butts really don’t touch nearly as much as our hands do, so it only makes since that high hand traffic places like a desk are covered in all kinds of germs that want to do us hard. Now on top of all that I live in New York City, germ spreading capital of the country. One trip on the subway is basically like getting into a illness factory. 200 people in a small car all coughing and touching those poles. UGH.

It is flu season and it is the winter, and as much as a cold sucks anytime of the year, and illness in the winter when it is already painful to go outside, just seems so much worse. So a reminder from The London Soap Factory is to wash your hands constantly, and carry some of the nice hand sanitizer with you, especially if you live in the city.

Some people are die hard believers in the antibacterial soaps, which I believe are pure evil. I do not buy them as I believe that contribute to making bacteria more immune to our antibiodics. There are plenty of natural washing agents out there that will do the job just fine. In our next article I will talk about some of the natural oils and ingredients you can look for in soaps that act as natual cleansing agents and antibacterials. Perhaps not as potent as these commerical soaps, these agents will do the job just fine if you continue to wash your hands constantly and keep a clean environment.

So stay healthy and look for our next article of natural germ killing ingredients come later this week.

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New Winter Soap helps your dry skin

February 16, 2007 at 7:46 pm (crafts, dry skin, moisturizing, oils, organic, soap, winter)

While the winter started out like a nice Spring day, things have seemed pretty rough lately making up for those beautiful 60 degree December days. Well, while it was nice while it, lasted these we are dying in most of the country with negative 0 windchill, several feet of snow, and enough ice to go skating to work and back.

So by the demand of the dry skin of the world, we have tried to produce a soap that you would find soothing. Now, while I want to talk about all the great products that we have I don’t want to sound like a pure advertisement, because you don’t learn anything from that. I think we have found a great combination for dry skin, however. For our new soap “Tea With the Queen” we wanted something that was so moisturizing that it practically melted on your skin like a block of cleansing lotion. We think we did pretty well by beginning with a five oil combination. We threw in our typical organic blend of olive, coconut, and palm oil which is a great blend for average skin, but we really need more. So we took two of the most moisturizing oils and added them, being castor oil and jojoba. Even if you never buy our products, if you want moisuturizing soaps, try to find with ones with castor and jojoba oils in it. We also add a good amount of aloe vera, an also widely known soothing and moisturizing agent. With some lavender and rosemary and green tea, we add good early floral scent and texture.

This bar of soap was hard to create due it’s softness, but this soft bar feels great on dry cracked hands. You can view this product at

With winter lasting another good two months, dry skin is something we will all be dealing with for a while. Even inside, if you have radiators like I do, the air is going to be dry and dirty, another reason to get clean with a good moisturizing soap.

If you have any questions or comments or stories about soap, winter, and dry skin, feel free to leave comments.

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Welcome to the Bubble Blog

February 9, 2007 at 4:12 am (crafts, organic, soap, Uncategorized)

I’d like to welcome everyone to our bubble blog. I did a quick search for soap related blogs, and yikes, not too many. Of course maybe I’m just looking in the wrong places. Not to worry though, because here we are. This is the official blog of The London Soap Factory, your handmade, highly organic, all natural online soap shop. While we definetely want to let you know everything our company is up to, this blog is far more than just some advertisement. We plan to write about soapmaking as a craft, soap making in the world, stories of soap makers, and tell of related news and stories to anything related to the industry, world of keeping clean, or well, anything you want to hear about.

We are here for you, the reader. Blogs are great because of the easy access the readers have to leaving comments and questions, and we welcome it. Any comment or question you have, please feel free to start writing. We’ll be happy to write about whatever you want hear about. It’s not just our blog, it’s yours to. As our customers, readers, hobby starters, or industry experts; we’re here to supply a definitely blog about everything soap. So check back often as we hope to have new articles up every few days. Also feel free to check out our website where you can find links to other interesting sites and of course our own products. We’re at

We hope to see you soon and often. Take care and spread the word.

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